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Nick Youngson is an accomplished photographer and marketing consultant with more than 40 years of success. His photography has been featured in Forbes Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, The Huffington Post and hundreds of other leading publications.

Mr. Youngson studied art and architecture at Liverpool College in the 1960s. It was the perfect environment and period in time to hone his skills as an artist and innovator.

Upon graduation, he was hired as the lead designer responsible for the design of new stores for a major furniture chain in the United Kingdom. His store designs were a major success. His duties were expanded to include leading the complete redesign and rebranding of all existing stores.

His success in the retail design industry continued until he turned his attention to, what was then, the exciting new world of the Internet. The internet provided even greater opportunities for him to fuse his love of photography and marketing.

He taught himself html and other basic coding skills and then launched a web-design and marketing company. He became one of the successful pioneers in the travel and accommodation industry. He was among the first to offer owner/operators a web based platform to directly market their properties to vacationers.

Mr. Youngson now primarily spends his time as a photographer and business consultant. His artistic style, which is still influenced by life in Liverpool in the 1960s, creates a demand for his high-end photography. However, it is his keen marketing sense that has led him to create wildly popular collections of highly useable graphic images and photos which are some of the most frequently used images on the internet.


June 2014

Just found lots of my images being used without a license - I am sure these people don't go around stealing things so what is it about images that makes them feel they can help themselves?

July 2015

For those people that insist on using my images without paying I have now released a number on a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license which means they can be used for free as long as certain attribution and license links are provided close to the image, please contact me for further details.

October 2015

More images released on a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license - a lot of people are following the terms of the license but a lot aren't and just helping themselves to the images so to those people don't use my images without the correct attribution or else paying for them.

December 2015

I am spending my days locating my images that are being used without a valid license, emailing people asking them to pay the license fee and most are ignoring me.

I am now thoroughly fed up with this situation so as from now any site using my images without a valid license and being used to promote a service, I am going to pass straight to my attorney to deal with. I can't be expected to spend my days emailing people infringing my copyright only to get ignored or abused so now they can deal with my attorney.

This only applies to web sites being run to promote a service such as legal services, banks, real estate companies etc - people who should know better than to ignore licensing requirements. Often these sites are managed by professional web site designers who are presumably charging their clients for adding my images to the client's sites without a license!

Sites run by individuals not promoting a service will continue to receive an email asking them for my standard license fee of a few dollars.

November 2017

Having reached retirement age I have now retired from taking any more commissions. I would like to thank my loyal clients for te past business they have given me.

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